December 1, 2017

Sewer Rates to increase in 2018

CNBTJSA will increase sewer rates 5% effective January 2018.

Even with this increase, the Authority believes our sewer rates continue to be a bargain for our customers. The value of clean water cannot be understated.  It costs less than 50 cents a day for each person to dispose of approximately 75 gallons of their own daily discharge of polluted water.  This water is removed from your home, made clean again, and then recycled to our environment.

This rate increase is necessary to keep pace with inflationary costs, and to continue to pay for debt service and costs relating to the construction of new facilities. The cost to the average residential homeowner using 15,000 gallons of water per quarter will be about $2 more each month.

The Authority continues to be engaged in a series of Capital Improvements Projects in order to remain in compliance with strict environmental regulations, to provide additional system capacity, and to upgrade and improve aging facilities at the treatment plant.  These projects come with significant cost and are a primary reason for the rate increase. They include:

  • Treatment Plant Upgrade Projects (completed 2011-2015)- $13,255,000
  • Treatment Plant Upgrades (Phase 3 – nearing completion) – $6,500,000 (estimated)

$10 million of financing was obtained to fund a large portion of these projects.  The annual debt service attributable to the loan represents a 25% increase to the Authority’s total expenditures each year. All Authority projects and expenses must be funded locally, from its users; we receive no financial assistance from either the Federal or State governments.

To help reduce the effect on the budget, the Authority continues to seek ways to reduce its costs. Utility costs have been reduced by converting its treatment facility fuel use to natural gas; and reducing electrical consumption utilizing more efficient systems, and also by engaging in long-term agreements with its electricity supplier.  Creative changes to the employee benefit plans and re-financing of the Authority’s loans have also helped control costs.

Our mission remains to provide our community and customers with the best and most cost effective sewer service possible, while continuing to strive to achieve perfect compliance with all environmental requirements.

CNBTJSA Sewer Use Rates

Effective Date- Jan 1, 2018

Please click here for the new sewer rates.


September, 2016

Phase III Construction Project Underway

Removal of Digestor Cover

Construction of Phase III of the Authority’s Plant Expansion and Upgrade Project is now underway. In conjunction with other related projects, completion of this project will serve to improve the treatment process capabilities, operational and energy efficiency, and provide for major maintenance and replacements of various facilities in the plant to help ensure the long term integrity of the treatment plant.

LB Industries, of Hellertown, PA, was awarded the General Contractor bid for $3,669,525. BSI, Inc., of Montgomeryville, PA will be the Electrical Contractor; their bid amount was $1,723,000. Bids have been awarded, and the project commenced construction in May.

Major items of improvement for this project include:

  • New Odor Control Units for both the Main Pumping Station, and the Biosolids Dryer.
  • Conversion of Anaerobic Digestors to mixed and aerated Sludge Holding Tanks.
  • Adding a Biosolids Storage Building, with additional conveyors.
  • Adding a 2nd Generator dedicated to emergency operation of the Main Pumping Station.
  • Replacing the roofing on all of the older buildings with metal roofs made to last over 50 years.
  • Replacement of bearings, rails, and chain of sludge collection equipment in the Final Settling Tanks.
  • Replacement of most of the inside and outside lighting throughout the facility with newer, more energy-efficient lighting.
  • Other miscellaneous electrical and mechanical projects throughout the plant site.

This project has a construction timetable of 18 months, with an expected completion in July of 2017.

Please see the “Plant Tour” section of our website for further information on treatment process descriptions and photos.

January 1, 2015

Phase II Construction Project Completed

Construction of Phase II of the Authority’s Plant Expansion and Upgrade Projects is now complete. In addition to other related projects, the completion of this project improves the treatment process capabilities, the operational and energy efficiencies, and has increased the facility’s rated treatment capacity from 4.0 million gallons per day to 4.625 million gallons per day, as average daily flow.

Total cost of the project was about $7.2 million. C&T Associates, of Souderton, PA, was the General Contractor on the project, and Thomas Controls of East Brunswick, NJ was the Electrical Contractor. Project design, construction management and inspections were conducted by the Authority’s consulting engineer, CKS Engineering of Doylestown, PA.

Major items of improvement in this project included:

  • Partial demolition and alterations to two treatment tanks built in the 1960’s and refitting them with new mixers and aeration systems; these tanks will then become part of the existing activated sludge treatment process. (see photo)
  • The old aeration system in the Equalizations Basins was replaced with a more energy efficient mixing/aerating system. (see photo)
  • Several old chemical feeder systems plant-wide were replaced, and a second 6,000 gallon chemical storage tank was added.
  • Motor controls in the Main Pump Station were replaced for improved operational and energy efficiency.
  • Energy-efficient Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) were installed on numerous large motors in the plant, including the Main Pump Station and Oxidation Ditch, improving both operational efficiency and energy efficiency in those areas.
  • Other electrical control and wiring upgrades in various locations.
  • A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system was installed throughout the facility. This is a computerized control system that will allow for improved centralized process control and better information management.

The Authority’s previous project, Phase I, was completed in May of 2010, at a total cost of $5.99 million. Improvements constructed as part of that project included: construction of a new 95 foot diameter Final Clarifier tank with a peak flow capacity of 10 million gallons per day, and construction of a new Ultraviolet Disinfection System and building.

Please see the “Plant Tour” section of our website for further information on treatment process descriptions and photos.

Alterations to 1960's Treatment Tanks

Alterations to 1960s Treatment Tanks

New Aerating & Mixing in EQUALIZATION BASIN

New Aerating Mixing in EQUALIZATION BASIN













Please click here to see the plant tour.

PMAA_2014_145 JoeBonner- crop

Joe Bonner receives PMAA Award

August 26, 2014

Joe Bonner  receives PMAA Service Award

Sewer Authority Board member Joseph T. Bonner was honored at the recent conference of the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA) as a recipient of the Extended Service Award for his 30 years of service on the Authority Board. Joe received his award at the annual banquet of the PMAA Conference in August.

Joe represents New Britain Township on the Authority Board and has also served as the Board’s Chairman and since 2007. The Authority, and New Britain Township, congratulate Joe, and thank him for his many years of public service to the Authority and the community.


January 30, 2013

On-Line Credit Card Payment is Here!

The Chalfont-New Britain Township Joint Sewer Authority is pleased to announce that we now accept credit cards to pay your Sanitary Sewer bill or Tapping Fee.

More information and instructions on paying your bill with a credit card can be found here: CREDIT CARD & DIRECT DEBIT PAYMENT


November 16, 2012

Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Association Awards Excellence Award for Laboratory

Authority Plant Superintendent Thomas Hauser receives the award from Association President Kara Humes and Barbara Coyle, representing M.J. Reider Associates

The Sewer Authority staff is proud to report that we are the recipient of the 2012 Excellence Award for Laboratory (less than 2 employees category) from the Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Association. The Award was presented at the November 16th Awards Banquet of the EPWPCOA. M.J. Reider Associates sponsored the award.

Authority Lab Technician Lee Cressman unfortunately could not be present to receive the award, but he had this to say about receiving the award: “I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the expertise and the efforts that the EPWPCOA Laboratory Committee puts into their training seminars; and so I was very appreciative of the fact that they felt I had met their selection criteria for this Laboratory Excellence Award for 2012.”

August 28, 2012

Bill Rissinger receives PMAA Service Award

Sewer Authority Board member William H. Rissinger was honored at the recent conference of the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association as a recipient of the PMAA’s Extended Service Award for his 40 years of service on the Authority Board. Bill received his award at the annual banquet of the PMAA Conference. Bill currently serves as the Board’s Vice-Chairman. The Chalfont-New Britain Township Joint Sewage Authority congratulates Bill, and thanks him for his many years of public service to the Authority and the community.


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