FAQ: What if I am filling or draining a swimming pool?

Attention Swimming Pool Owners: PLEASE NOTE: The Authority does not offer credit for filling swimming pools.

In addition, should you need to drain your pool for any reason, the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law prohibits discharging chlorinated water or polluted water (including swimming pool water) to storm sewers, or streams or to any place that may drain to a stream, including your lawn. Questions regarding the handling of pool wastewater may be directed to the Water Management Program in DEP’s regional office at (484) 250-5970. 

Click on DEP Fact Sheet for the swimming pool water discharge guidelines.

According to PA DEP regulations, the best place to drain your pool is to a sanitary sewer system, if available. If you need to drain your pool to the CNBTJSA sanitary sewer, please call us to request permission.

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