Billing Policies

How is my bill calculated?

Bills are issued quarterly. Each customer is charged a quarterly base rate, plus an amount based upon the amount of  water consumed at your property, as measured by your water supplier’s meter. Each property has an allocation limit; usage above this limit is subject to a higher rate. For residential units, this limit is 32,000 gallons per quarter. Please click the  Sewer Rates link for current rates.

What if I have a well?

Non-metered customers are billed according to the Flat Rate. Non-metered customers have the option of purchasing and installing a water meter so they can be billed on a metered basis. Please call the Authority to inquire about water meters.

Who gets a sanitary sewer bill?

Any owner of a property connected to the CNB sanitary sewer system including commercial properties receives a bill. It is Authority policy to only mail bills to the owner of residential properties; we do not bill tenants. Owners of connected properties are responsible for making sure that sewer bills are paid in a timely manner.

How may I pay my bill?

We accept personal checks, money orders, and bank checks.   You should allow sufficient time for postal delivery of mailed payments to avoid late charges. You may also pay your bill at our office at 1645 Upper State Road.

Should you wish to pay your bill electronically, please click here or contact us and request a Direct Payment form.

We now accept credit card payments. Click here for further information and instructions: CREDIT CARD PAYMENT.

When is my bill due?

Sewer bills are mailed quarterly (four times a year). There are three different billing cycles.  Please refer to the FAQ: When is my bill due? page to determine your billing cycle.

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