Sump Pumps and Illegal Plumbing Connections

DO NOT connect sump pumps, French drains, rain gutters and downspouts, or any other piping that allows rain water or ground water to enter your sanitary sewer.  It is illegal to connect these into the sanitary sewers. The extra high flow of water could cause your pipes to overfill and back up, and debris and silt could clog your line. The sewer lines and our treatment facility are not designed to handle this excess volume of water.  Consult a plumber to correct any illegal connections. If you are unsure if any of your connections are not proper, the Sewer Authority can offer a courtesy inspection, or consult your plumber.

Below is a drawing of typical sewers in and under a home. Downspouts and sump pump connections, as shown, are not allowed to be connected to the sanitary sewer system.


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